Do It Yourself SEO

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important step a business can take in order to increase its online visibility. A recent survey estimated that 64% of all web visits come from organic searches. Businesses cannot afford to ignore this important means of reaching customers.

Many businesses nowadays pay agencies to do SEO for them. However, these agencies can be expensive, usually charging between $100 -$300 an hour for their services. If you don’t mind paying the price and have decided to buy seo services from a professional, because the benefits outweigh the costs let me recommend the ClevelandSeoExperts. They help small and large businesses nationwide with SEO and website design and development services. If you don’t want to pay those expensive fees, there are some basic steps you can take to make your website easier to find.

Think About Your Keywords

Identify the keywords you want Google, Bing, and other search engines to associate with your business. Focus on specific searches you want to use to take people to your site. For instance, a furniture store in Southern California might want to appear high on searches for “sofas in Los Angeles”.

Once you’ve identified which search terms you want to use to bring people to your site, make sure you include them in your content. They should be in page titles, tags, subtitles, URL’s, and in the text itself. Don’t sacrifice the quality of the content, but make sure those keywords are in there.

Links, Links, Links

Google actually began as a project cataloging all the links between sites on the Internet. The page-ranking algorithm now takes other factors into account, but your site will only benefit from having plenty of inbound and outbound links.

There are two types of links you want to have, internal and external. Internal links take users between individual pages on the same website. These links are important for two reasons. They improve your total page views by making it easier for users to view multiple pages, and they ensure that Google’s bots, known as “spiders”, can find every page on your site. A sitemap on your home page is especially useful for this purpose.

While internal links improve accessibility, external links provide credibility. Each link to your site from an external source indicates that someone has found your site useful and interesting.

Linking to other sites can be a good way to get links back to your own. Another good strategy to get more links can be leaving positive reviews for businesses you work with. Just write a couple nice paragraphs about them, and often they’ll post it on their site with your business name and a link back to your site.

Remember, it’s a process

SEO is not a one-time activity; it’s a continual process. You should be posting updates on your website or blog at least once a week: search spiders like fresh text. Active posting on social media can also draw in more users and increase your page rank. Finally, monitor your efforts through Google’s Webmaster tools, which allows you to see where your site is ranking for certain keywords.

Above all, remember that content is king. Useful, interesting content on your site will attract visitors and links, and it will help your page rank more than any other SEO tactic.